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Leadership Programs

Engaging People in Change (EPIC) Youth Program

To support our youth, we host EPIC (Engaging People in Change), a group of young people who talk about social justice issues which are most important to them and look for ways to find solutions. We help look for ways to support educational and leadership development for all EPIC members.

We meet in the Parish Hall at Grace Episcopal Church, Millbrook. To join EPIC or attend a meeting, parents or prospective members should reach out to the Program Director.

Policy Advocacy

We seek out collaboration with local advocacy organizations and individuals within Northeast Dutchess County and our broader communities. NEDIS has participated in statewide initiatives alongside New York Immigration Coalition, Workers Justice Center of New York, and the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement. We were particularly successful in supporting the Greenlight Campaign NYS which increased access to New York drivers licenses for undocumented nonresidents.

Immigrant Women’s Leadership Program

NEDIS has designed a leadership initiative for immigrant women. Participants selected for this program will learn vital skills necessary to serve as community leaders, including financial and computer literacy, communication, and business skills.

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