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Academic Mentoring Program

NEDIS offers one-on-one tutoring for immigrant youth to help them succeed in their education. As part of the Academic Mentoring Program, NEDIS staff also offers help for parents and families to navigate communication with the school district and their child's teachers and school administrators.

This program provides academic instruction and educational mentoring to the local immigrant community. In one-on-one tutoring sessions, students learn how to think about their schoolwork, how to organize themselves in ways likely to make them more productive, and how to ask the right questions of their teachers. Ultimately, the objective is not simply to help them do their work, but to make them more effective and independent learners.

We support families in their interactions with school districts: helping them understand and respond to communications from schools, support their children at home, and advocate for themselves when necessary. One objective is to help families set reasonable and ambitious goals for their children, both in high school and for their lives after graduation.

Where appropriate, we help students and their families understand the process of applying to college. This support includes discussions about how to find colleges that best fit the student, how to access resources to help pay tuition and expenses, how to prepare better for standardized tests, and how to get help from the schools in which they are enrolled. We continue to support students and their families all the way through college by continuing tutoring as necessary and by offering the kind of perspective available to someone who has experience with the challenges and opportunities that college life presents.

To set up a tutoring session or consultation, contact the Program Director.

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